MS8200 (Hercules)

Multibeam Echo Sounder

Wide Swathing Coverage | Ultra-high Efficiency | Competent in Muddy Water

MS8200, which is also named as Hercules, is a new generation of multibeam echo sounder that is specially designed for professional oceanographic mapping and deep channel surveying. It is based on the new product platform that our R & D team developed after so many years of sounding technology accumulation and studying the advantages & shortcoming of various models using under diversified environments. MS8200 is not only of reliable quality, but also with most advanced technologies. It can work well in harsh environment, that is why so many customers trust it and MS8200 won a lot of praises. MS8200 deserves it!
Main Features

优势.png    Efficiency:160° Swathe Coverage | Working Range is more than 8 Times of Depth | Ping Rate 60Hz

优势.png   One System Multi-functions:3D Underwater Terrain Surveying | Water Imaging | Multi-Objects Detection

优势.png   Different Water Surveying:River or coastline, clear or muddy water, fine structure or big range surveying, all can get accurate result through adjusting working modes

优势.png   Highest Ping rate is 60Hz | Max sounding depth reaches 400m | Standard power Consumption is less than 80W

优势.png   Supply with Hydro Navi & Quest Software, which is easy operation and user friendly

优势.png   Suit for professional surveying for big range of oceanographic investigation | Channel Surveying and Dredging | Hydrographic Surveying | Wind Farm Maintenance | Oil & Mine Exploration


Technical Specifications

Working Frequency

Depth Resolution



No. of Beams

Working Modes


Equiangular or Equidistance

Across Track Beam Width

Along Track Beam Width

Max. Ping Rate

Signal Type



Swath Coverage

Pulse Width


15μs ~ 8ms

Sounding Range

Max. Working Depth

0.5 ~ 400m


Physical Specifications

Transducer Size

Transducer Weight

500mm x 457mm x 147mm

22.6kg (In the air)

Working Temperature

Storage Temperature

-2° ~ 40℃

-20℃ ~ 55℃

Power Supply

Power Consumption

Deck Unit Weight

Deck Unit Size

Deck Cable Length

DC 10V - 32V / AC 110V - 240V

80W (Standard) / 60W (Low Consumption Mode)


200mm x 145mm x 75.5mm

15m (or Customized)

All spec. above is subject to change without notice.